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Voting outside constituency

16 June 2018

Dear Editor – I write to respond to one Samson Siru, who was quoted in your paper Tuesday this week, opposing the concept of voting outside one’s constituency.

I understand the Electoral Commission is working on legislations to make this happen, especially for those working and living in Honiara.

I think the intention is to make it easier for voters working and living in Honiara that on polling day, they can cast their ballots in Honiara without having to travel home to vote.

As a long-time Honiara resident who was registered in my home constituency, I fully support the move by the Electoral Commission to make this happen.

I think the move will be of great benefit to working people as well as those who for other reasons, were unable to travel home during elections.

Mr Siru expressed fear that allowing people to cast their ballots outside their respective constituencies will be opened to abuse and possible corruption.

I think our electoral laws will take care of such fears and Mr Siru need not to worry.

He should understand that on polling day, certain people would not be able to travel back to their constituencies due to financial difficulties, illness, and may be work commitment.

So setting up ballot boxes in Honiara to cater for situations like I’ve mentioned would be the most probable thing to do.

So I encourage the Electoral Commission to go ahead with its intention to introduce out-of-constituency voting into our system.


George Gwalusi