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Dr Sikua’s poor leadership

17 June 2018
Dr Derek Sikua

Dear Editor
 – Increased lawlessness in Northeast Guadalcanal reflects the MP’s poor leadership!

For example, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Northeast Guadalcanal and Leader of the Independent Group in Parliament, Dr Derek Sikua’s Project Support Criteria is discriminatory!

Over the past 11 years he only approved and disbursed projects for his voters and cronies – key campaign managers/agents, families and friends.  

As a result of Derek Sikua’s “discriminatory policy” in the disbursement of Constituency Funded Projects, a majority of constituents from Paripao and Tathiboko have been denied and deprived of development that they rightly deserve and legally entitled to.

But that’s not all.

Northeast Guadalcanal have over the years witnessed many incidences of lawlessness and anti-social behaviour which have resulted in unnecessary intimidation and assaults and injuries and deaths.

The sad thing is this reflects the poor leadership of the MP for Northeast Guadalcanal who failed to provide development projects support to support youths and families to engage in development and sustain livelihoods.

For example, a previous stone throwing incident between youths from Numbu and surrounding Barade communities at Barade Sau Logu Bridge which had resulted in the fracturing of the leg of an youth from Numbu Community relates to Dr Derek Sikua’s poor leadership.

I interpreted this incident as a way of showing people’s frustration over the MP’s discriminatory policy in project approval and disbursement.

The main target at the time was the Tipper Truck bought by the MP and used mainly by Numbu Community so my interpretation of the stone throwing incident is that disgruntled youths are sending a clear message to the MP that they are not happy with his leadership style and discriminatory policy in project support because only selected individuals and communities or cronies are benefiting from government funds channeled through the MP to develop rural communities in Paripao and Tathiboko. 

I therefore called on the good people and constituents of Northeast Guadalcanal in Paripao and Tathiboko who have not benefited from government funds for constituency development channeled through the MP to refrain from engaging in unlawful activities and to stop showing their frustrations through violence but they must come together and cooperate with each other to work out the best alternative solution and strategy to achieving development in the constituency for a secure and prosperous future for all of us in Northeast Guadalcanal.


Alfred Mane Lovanitila



Northeast Guadalcanal