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Thanks Japan

19 June 2018
Foreign Minister Milner Tozaka and JICA representative Takashi Toyama at the signing of the Grant Agreement for the Improvement of the Honiara International Airport Project.

Dear Editor - Japan has done it again. This time it has stepped in to upgrade the Honiara international airport and its terminal.

The Japanese government had funded this project in the past but now it had recognised the need to upgrade it given the increase population and flights into the country.

This will certainly help support the growth of tourism industry in the country.

And everyone are excited indeed to see a important project going to be upgraded.

Japan has long been a friend to the country and I know many Solomon Islanders have seen the visible development of their help over the years.

At the moment one of the important projects that is currently going on is the Kukum highway project which is progressing well.

Japan’s help had transformed the once poor road condition at the Kukum highway.

The people of Honiara have been denied such wonderful infrastructure for so long but their wish had now been fulfilled thanks to the Japanese people.

Now most of us are enjoying our ride. It seems we are riding on a road in Tokyo and its a wonderful experience.

Theres so much to say about how Japan had supported us over the years until we reach our 40 years of nationhood.

Japan is also one of the countries which continue to send its volunteers to service in this country.

Thanks for your help to bring in some of your experts to help out in areas which we lack professional and experience people.

In the many more years to come our children will continue to remember Japan as a true friend.

We value this friendship which goes back a long way.

Once again Japan thank you so much for your huge support. 


Rata Dan