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Solomon Islands “The Pacific”

12 July 2018

Dear Editor - Apparently Solomon Islands is a sovereign state but actually Iwould refer to it as “the Pacific” within the Pacific Ocean.

Unlike most Pacific Nations, where its people are but only one racial group, Solomon Island is home to most all the racial groups that had inhabited Pacific Ocean. In Solomon Islands you can find Melanesians, Polynesians and Micronesians.

I am not an anthropologist or a social scientist but on mere observations one can tell the “variety” of Melanesians, Polynesians and Micronesians of the Solomon Islands consists of or spans the entire spectrum of Pacific inhabitants from Tahiti to New Zealand in the south, to Guam and Federated State of Micronesia up north, to Papua New Guinea and Australia to the east.

Solomon Islands to me is indeed “the Pacific”in terms of her inhabitants. Her racial makeup, diversities and varieties are second to no other countries of the Pacific Ocean. The hosting of the South Pacific Games in 2023 therefore will be a unique Occasion just as the 2010 Festival of Pacific Arts (FOPA) in 2010.

The winning of the bid to host this biggest South Pacific Sporting event by Solomon Islands in the Republic of Vanuatu this year was not a mistake and one which DCCG can be remembered for a long time if its hosting is successful and of course it will successful.

The Pacific will once more will come to our Pacific Solomon Islands the Happy Isles in 2023 come the South Pacific Games.Must we not start preparing now or wait for the last minute as we are known for?

Aihunu Houakau