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The Fall of MP. Steve Abana

20 April 2019
Former MP Steve Abana

Dear Editor -  To liberate Fataleka from the bondage of poor leadership you needa super and dynamic intervention approach.

On the 6th Of April 2019 more than two thousand six hundred and sixty-four voters of Fataleka constituency gathered along the black sandy beaches of Subobono, Fakanakafo and Taeloa waving palm leaves, tree branches goodbye to Former MP Steve Abana boarding M.V Maetalau escorted by other sister vessels of his Anolpha shipping Company sailing on the sea of heart break after the period of twelve years creating wealth and fame in Fataleka constituency.

Electing Rexon Annex Ramofafia into Parliament is the wish of the Fataleka people who have been sick and tired of former Hon. Steve Abana’s leadership. And the battle to unseat him from leadership in the Fataleka Constituency on 3rd. April is a fierce one, had it not been for the new mind set of Fataleka people to unite and change Fataleka, dedication and loyalty to the cause of bringing Rex Annex Ramofafia to victory,Otherwise Steve Abana would still be as hard as ever to beat in any election for that matter.But how wonderful to have men and women supporting us in the battle to liberate the well-being and the betterment of the future for our children in our beloved Fataleka Constituency. God bless you for the work well done.

His (Steve Abana) defeat is really a good news for the new National Government leadership in terms of government stability. He is well-known in the previous Governments for destabilising most government on votes of no confidence and his defeat from Fataleka Constituency means a total exit from Political scene in Solomon Islands.  He came into power with nothing to offer to Fataleka people and the country at large. These have reflected well in his poor attendance and deliberating on national issues on the floor of Parliament. All that his concern is to fulfill his Business aspiration.And he got it at a cheap cost name of the Fataleka people. Leaving Politic is not of any worries for Steve Abana. He is a strong and wealthy Business person now with everything at his disposal.

On the west and eastern hills, valleys, along the streams to the river banks and sea coast line, lies Ruins and rumbles of zero level Development aspiration of people in Fataleka Constituency for the past twelve years left remains of Steve Abana’s poor leadership. And what a huge clean up and rebuilding responsibility will be for Hon. Rexon Annex Ramofafia in the next four years.  And what a waste of precious given time in history through the ballot papers of one’s life time that had failed to reach its developmental goals and to materialized.

 May we stand together as a united Fataleka for change to support our newly elected Honorable member to bring changes and other most needed developments that we need to happen in our constituency. And may God bless our new leadership and Fataleka constituency. FATALEKA! LEKA KWAIMANI MAI KULU LEKA NA.


Jared Dausulia Tagini
West Fataleka