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Taiwan or China?

12 September 2019

DEAR EDITOR – Please publish the following:

Taiwan or China?

Which one would you chose?

The choice is in your hand

Dragon, or bull or what?

They are all animals

and they might not be tamable

but we all need animals

for meat, milk and soup

Which one will you prefer?

The ball is in your court

Rugby, soccer, net or cricket?

You can pick whatever you wish

but bear in mind

we might not know what’s in the basket

the top layer might be a lure

And, Oh, there’s something else…

Please just don’t forget

our own apples are in one of them

“A bunch of young Solomon islanders…”

Who may be innocent

so, who would you pick

Apples and oranges are in ANZ

who would be in Asia

Taiwan or China?

By John Ray,
Malaita Province