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Gua Marovo – Babata passage

12 September 2019

DEAR EDITOR – Long ago, in the 70’s and 80’s, late Pulepanda Ghamu is our MP. 

And what I heard from him personally, was that ‘during our time, there were no millions of dollars for constituency developments. 

But as I can remember well, there were few constructive developments taking place in Marovo. 

One is the bombing of a common passage used up until today by almost every people who wishes to travel to and from Marovo by OBM, and that is the Babata Passage. 

Though little in whatever it may be, the significance of it was beyond because, if it wasn’t for that bombing people travelling to and from Marovo by boat would find it very difficult to enjoy their ride through the waters of south New Georgia down to any destination along the province. 

Today, many older folks in and around that area would recall what their late MP has done. A man of honour and dignity who is willing to serve and is loyal to his people. 

Can this legacy speaks in our minds today?

Nowadays, some might argue that, that is past, today is different. Sorry, our past reminds us of who we are now. 

I hope the significance of BABATA Bombing can rejuvenate our feeble minds to dig further into long lasting developments so that our next generation can pass on the story to their children’s children. 

May God Bless Marovo and our current office bearers? 

Be our constituency development officers (CDO’s) and not constituency devouring officers. 


Floyd Maepioh