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What it may be

30 May 2014

DEAR EDITOR – Can you publish the following poem:

Life rife of disaster
Christ died on Easter
Beef full of uric acid
Muscles of this nation
Full of lactic acid

Education full of rivalry
Ministry adjusting the system
Health full of bugs
Millions missing in action
Gout affecting the investigation

Drivers sucking wealth out
From the shanty towns
China man in control of the short routes
Killing the civil servants to lateness
Destroying the flow of the wheels

Election coming soon
Sharing needles to destroy
Grasshoppers legislating
In the name of integrity bills
Time in time out

Politics running budgets
Budgets swimming too fast
Without leaving any development trails
Drowsing away with eyes wide open
Not seeing anything at all

What it may be is this nation's plan
For yesterday today and tomorrow
For when the leaders are not wise
The subjects become more foolish then ever
Killing the hens that lays the eggs

(c) Stalin Fiualakwa 27th May, 2014.