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Bus conditions

30 May 2014

DEAR EDITOR – I wish if you could allow me space in your daily column to stress the above.

This is an issue which I think has already been raised by some concerned passengers and bus users.

The conditions of some of the buses that are currently operating within our city now are very poor.

Many according to my view should now be put out of the traffic, as they pose more threat than good to the public.

One of the commonly viewed conditions of the buses that are on the streets now is that they not have enough spaces to allow for free movement both in and out.

Others often rattle so as to nearly fall apart when speeding freely on the roads, often producing sounds that can even be heard a few meters away.

Moreover, some have seats that do not provide comfort, especially for those who pay for the service.

I have been one of the victims of a bad bus seat. On the morning of 26th May 2014, after having waited for almost an hour, I managed to board a bus which only takes a short trip from King George to China Town.

I sat on one of the back seats. The seat located in front of me along the walk way, to my dismay, was very awful.

This to my disappointment has resulted in me having to support the person who sat on it for the whole time until I get off at China Town.

It was so fortunate however that the person sitting on it was not big enough so as to put a larger weight on me, something that could have had me unable to attend work that morning.

One thing that I have also noticed then was the space for mobility. The seats were almost squeezed and there is a lack of space even to allow someone next to you to be comfortable.

On this instance, it is of importance that buses providing services for the public fulfill the eligibility criteria set out in our traffic regulations before travelling on the roads.

It seems that both the responsible authority and bus owners are ignorant, and do not consider improving services for their beneficiaries.

People pay for the service they are using and it is common sense to give them what they deserve. Someone has to do something!

K. Waitara
King George