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Increased prices for market produce 

27 March 2020

DEAR EDITOR – I wish to raise a concern regarding the increased prices on market produces by producers and/or vendors at the central market lately. 

“Producers” are those who grow the produces themselves to sell and “Vendors” are those who buy products from the initial producers and re-sell to customers at Central Market. 

The concern is, last Saturday 21 March 2020, a parcel of Choy sum cabbage that once cost $10 now costs $15 to $20. 

Understandably, from the perspective of economists, this is happening due to increased demands from the customers for market products when we only have the central market with its market producers and/or vendors selling root crops, fresh fruits, fish, shells, and fresh vegetables to the public in Honiara. 

However, I wish to kindly ask the market producers and/or vendors that they must not take advantage of the covid-19 situation to increase the prices on their market produces. 

We are all in this covid-19 situation and let us be considerate of each other. 

The point is, If the Solomon Islands Government had done its part on controlling the prices of processed goods in the stores to be sold at reasonable prices as per Price Control (Product Substitute Goods) Order 2020, I suppose, our good market producers and/or vendors, in the same way, must also be considerate in their pricing of their produces at the central market. 

Myra Komolo