Littering - Solomon Star News


28 March 2020

DEAR EDITOR – Please allow me space to contribute in your column, about people’s no care attitude on littering on the street. 

As a young Solomon Islander, I am so sick and tired of seeing how people the careless attitude of people littering on the street every day. 

It is sad to see that while some people try their best to keep the streets clean, some ungrateful people throw rubbish. I am surprised that most people do not even care about keeping Honiara clean. 

With the current Corona Virus Pandemic causing havoc amongst the public. I think it is high time that people should start to think about hygiene and cleanliness. 

I want to call on the Honiara City Council as the authority looking after the city to start taking strict measures and impose a heavy penalty on people littering on the streets. I believe it is about high time we all work together for a safe, and clean environment so that together we fight against the COVID-19.

Diana Nokali 
USP Law student