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Tigoa Nursing Homes 

28 March 2020
Tigoa Nursing Home.

– This is my home, my residential accommodation, allocated to me when I was posted here several years ago, no tables, no chairs, no electricity, no water supply.

I have to use rainwater for drinking, the house has run down as you can see, no maintenance done to this house, but what else can I say?

We are here as government officers to provide the services to our people, that is exactly the word of a Nursing Staff working at the Tigoa Area Heath Hospital, Renbel Province.

Perhaps the million dollars budget passed in Parliament for Health and medical services every year is meant for Honiara and perhaps the bigger Provincial Health services. They have forgotten our very remote provincial needs. 

Today we are lucky to have received a new Area Health Hospital, a new facility just been built and handed over to the Province, perhaps with a resident Doctor, because as we speak, there is no Doctor at the Hospital, His residential accommodation is ready but we don’t know when and what time he/she will be available here in the Province. However, for most serious cases, we have to refer them to Honiara,

We are also very grateful for the assistance rendered to our village communities by Doctors of one of the Mining Company (Bintan Mining SI Limited) operating in the Province who sincerely providing clinical assistance and operations to our patience in the Province. 

They have also build a new clinic for one of our big villages (Lavagu) in Rennell for which we are very thankful for their genuine assistance.

A west Rennell elder has also echoed the same sentiments and calls for the Ministry of Health & Medical Services and the Provincial Government of Renbel to seriously look into providing better accommodation for nurses and posting a resident doctor at the capital Tigoa.

Jimmy Festus
West Rennell