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Health safety measures 

02 April 2020

DEAR EDITOR – A report I sighted yesterday said the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) has brought in a health safety measure to ensure those visiting the bank are not suffering from a fever that could give rise to the concern the visitor had coronavirus.

From Monday, all the following rules will be in place.


"All visitors (customers, clients, consultants, etc.) including staff shall go through a mandatory body temperature screening outside of the building before entering the main door. Visitors or customers who have failed their temperature screening tests shall be denied entry/access into the building. 

"All inbound external customers or consultants shall be prohibited from entering the building unless they have satisfied the minimum health requirements set down by the MHMS and have duly completed their 14 days of isolation requirement.

"All bilateral face-to-face meetings with domestic stakeholders shall be through a virtual platform until such time the WHO announces a complete eradication of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"All Exchange Control Applications, Currency Requisition Forms, SIG Payment advice for Local and External Creditors, Small Business Finance Guarantee Scheme Applications, or any other applications or forms of similar nature for assessment, must be submitted to CBSI electronically or through electronic means or via an online platform."

Similar body temperature screening controls are in place in Thailand as preventative measures against coronavirus and enforced at the entrance to Supermarkets, at hospitals and at many other buildings where the public seeks to enter, including banks.

Additional preventative controls are in place that requires users of public transport such as subway trains and the Bangkok Transport System to wear face masks when travelling.

Frank Short
Bangkok, Thailand