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Thanks Dr Tautai

01 April 2020

DEAR EDITOR – Please give me space in your paper to express my appreciation to Dr. Tautai Kaitu’u for his good heart of allowing the MV Avaiki Maine for people of Rennell and Bellona to go free.

I also note that Dr. Tautai assisted people by giving them ration to help them when they reach their various communities in Rennell and Bellona Islands.

Yes, I salute and thank you Tautai for such assistance and I, for one so appreciate your good leadership and I hope your good and heart concern to look behind such situation will continue in days ahead.

Your help has impacted our communities because we were feeling sick and had fear for the worse, raising a lot of questions as to how we will go home. But thanks to your free of charge trip to Rennell and Bellona. We so appreciative and thankful to Dr. Tautai for your good heart.

May God richly bless you in days ahead.


E. Japo