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Ill-fated trip

06 April 2020
MV Taemareho.

Dear Editor
- The news about the missing 27 has brought the country into tears. This unexpected news has been very tragic. Our hearts go out to the families who have affected by this tragedy.

While we try to avoid the deadly coronavirus, this boat tragedy has shocked this nation.

It makes me wonder why MV Taimareho 1 was allowed to travel knowing a cyclone was on its way.

Throughout that Thursday afternoon, the weather has been unfavorable already bring with it strong wind, rain, and high swells.

So as my heart aches I still can’t believe why the boat packed load with people took off.

‘Its better to be late than being sorry’ as one of the well-known saying has highlighted.

There needs to be a proper investigation to find out who has authorised the trip at the first place.

Justice must be served.


Rata Dan