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Power of resurrection

16 April 2020

DEAR EDITOR – Grateful if a revelation after the Easter Celebration is put on your column.

Lest one forget, there is hope amidst fear of coronavirus.

This is it. It’s the power of the resurrection. 

As Mary Magdalene and Jesus' disciples found that the tomb was empty, they believed that the Romans soldiers removed Jesus' body. 

Likewise, the Roman Soldiers were holding the opposite view - that the disciples were responsible. 

Hefty amounts of money were paid to Roman Soldiers to cause immediate investigation. 

As such, that evening, the disciples were locked in a room hiding from Roman Soldiers. It’s being locked yet Jesus appeared in their midst and said: “Peace be unto you”. 

They marvelled and could not believe. Jesus showed his side and hands. The disciples felt at ease, and Jesus breathed on them and said “[r]eceive the Holy Ghost” (Jn. 20:19).

From thenceforth, the disciples were bold and could not content that boldness. They preached that Jesus whom they crucified was the son of God and was resurrected. 

They healed and raised people from death and infirmities as recorded in various books, in particular, the Bk of Acts.

Two folds to this: first, the power of the resurrection could not withhold shuttered door or brick walls. The disciples were hiding behind locked doors or brick wall, yet, Jesus appeared within their midst. 

He is a spirit compounded with the power of the resurrection. Nothing will shut him down. He came back to life with a new brand “….I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth” (Mt. 28: 19). 

Nothing will touch us if we believe in this power. Jesus rules Heaven and earth, which means, he has the command of everything going on in heaven and on earth. 

Even, if scientists say “no meresen for COVID-19”, then who cares! We have this power already breathed on us and the commands of all things on earth are in His figure tips. 

We can shut down coronavirus, natural disasters or even natural or evil forces. Just believe that when Jesus breathed on his disciples and said “… receive the Holy Ghost”, that was and is also for us. 

That power is in you already. Who says that? The bible says it “…. Christ is in you … the hope of glory (Col. 1:27). He is already in our midst. Activate it. Compounded to that is the fact that Jesus has the command on this earth.

Second, in that power, the disciples did astounding miracles and wonders that marvels everybody and enemies. One vivid example is in ch. 3 of Bk of Acts. 

Peter and John walked up to the beautiful gate of the temple, someone sought, what the bible says, “alms”. Then, Peter and John turned around and saw him in his infirmity and said: “Silver and gold I have none, but what I have I will give: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk”. 

That someone walked and praising God. Amidst fear of coronavirus, if scientists say “no mereseni yet”, then, so be it. 

We don’t need it either. We already have the meresen: Jesus Christ that is already in us. Jesus and the Holy Ghost are the same. The same Holy Ghost breathed unto us is already in us. That is our meresen.

This is powerful. Fear is everywhere in SI, last week, the other week and even now. This fear resulted in SI taking all sorts of options and worst of it costs the life of 27. 

Yet, it seems fit on the circumstances, given that Italy, USA, and other European nations were/are hard hit with the Coronavirus. Italy went to an extent her PM begged the nation to seek the face of God, in which, people came off to the street and bow down in prayer and confession.

Depart from that fear. Fear is the opposite. 

If it is fear, then it is the devil or the satan or the enemy. If you fear it, it will come to you – coronavirus will come to you, whether you like it or not. If peace, it is God – (God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost). “…if God is before us, who can be against us…”.

Aaron Mane



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