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Ships operators and captain

16 April 2020

DEAR EDITOR – As a student and a concerned citizen of Solomon Islands, I urge that all shipping operators must comply with the Maritime safety laws of the country.

Ships that travel in bad weather without complying with maritime safety law are a threat to human lives.  

Some of our ship operators and captains knew very well what will the result be like but they choose to ignore the maritime laws. 

As a result, 27 passengers lost their lives on the night of 3rd April 2020.

The law is very clear on this for us to follow, not to violate and I believe in that very moment only if they should have followed what has been broadcasted in the news that all ships are not allowed to travel because of Cyclone Harold, then none of these could happen. 

Ship operators and captains, safety and security of passengers are more precious than the money we earn every day.

In this recent tragedy, passengers could travel more safely and arrive at their destination and everyone should be happy instead of being sad. 

I call on the relevant authorities to properly investigate this recent tragedy for prosecution. 

This is an ignorance of the law. I would say and those responsible must be liable for it to avoid a repeat of any of this kind in the future.

I would like to say as a concerned citizen let’s all be responsible and support one another to obey by these rules and regulations.

Laniata Lingi
USP, Honiara