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Re: All are held responsible to the development of Rugby in SI

23 October 2020

Dear Editor
- The call from the President of the HRUA in light of the Rugby saga that was currently hit up in Honiara and discussed in other media platforms is highly commended and worth taken note of. 

As a rugby player and fan, I strongly believe that we need each other to support and help to promote this code in this soccer dominated country. 

We cannot argue and put our own interest first, then expect this rugby code to excel in this country. The code needs voices and combined effort. 

The task is huge and we cannot expect any single person to shoulder this task. It requires all the clubs, players, supporters, and management to ensure that this game is fully supported.

Regarding the recent development and incident, how I’ve got from various comments, it looks as though that the blame was going to the two finalist teams which I think differently. 

In fact, the issue here was between one of the supporters with two of the officials who appeared to be very inconsistent and not performing during the match.

The two teams were displaying a very good rugby game during that time, unfortunately, it was the officials and the spectators who were hit up. 

It must be cleared, that the two teams were innocent. Except for the officials, especially the referee was too bad to be described.

Personally, I don’t really mind, whether was for the black or white, whoever executes a good game during that time, of course, they deserved that with no question. 

Honestly, the referee in particular was doing no good. You don’t have to be a rugby player to gauge this nonsense happening. 

After all, I have never seen him playing rugby in his entire life. I sympathize with him because it took him much time to be awarded his referee certificate just to realize that he was doing more harm to the code than good. 

For that reason, I call on the authorities to assess his performances and if needed, stripe off his certificate before he does more damages to the code. 

Honestly, his performance has brought embarrassment to the rugby community here in Honiara especially his one talks. Otherwise, anyone who supports this poor referee both of them needs to go and diagnose with mental illness at Kilufi Hospital

To the rematch of the Avaiki and Matangiki white, it is a must. However, I was informed that only a ten-minute rematch was not a good idea. 

In fact, any general rules demand that, if less than 24 hours, otherwise it's going for a week, therefore, guarantee a full fresh rematch and it has to be next week as this week is ended. In addition, it is better than the premier’s final should be reserved as the last game of the year, so as it climaxes.

I wish the management as they deliberate on the matter. 


Kroc Tiakihenua 
Tuvaruhu Out Skirt
Central Honiara