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23 November 2020

Supposed to be the face

Understandably that's the ace

Much more better than the rest

Over and over the globe

She comes from America

Europe Africa and the rest


It is all the thrill and the feel

Associated with her beauty and face

That all men sleeps less and less


The children and the girls likewise

Sleeps less and less just like the men

For the animals know not their faces


It all looks good and fine; fine and good

That nothing else matters -the face

In all the secular and moral dealings the face


The leaders, the globalists the face

Rules the law books and the policy books

For there is nothing without the face


The governments the democracy

The socialism the tyrannical

The communists the apartheid


The  world order duplication of apartheid

The wealthy and the poor

Into class segregation


The hapi isles falling falling apart

For the face book has become the arse book


(c) Stalin Fiualakwa