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Truthful reporting on SI

23 November 2020
Frank Short.

Dear Editor
- The decision by Solomon Islands’ Cabinet to ban Facebook is said to be legally wrong and I expect the decision to be challenged.

The argument made by the prime minister and his communications minister is that it has been a platform for people to ‘abuse political leaders.’

I have some sympathy for the government’s decision.

For more than six years I used my personal website to bring truthful reporting on the Solomon Islands, especially focusing on happenings and events at home and regionally.

Last week my website has had to be temporarily halted due to having undergone a serious neck injury resulting in a lengthy operation and disability likely to put me out of action for four months.

Many of my posts have featured, almost daily, on Facebook and I would like to say all have been totally factual and truthful, never disrespecting the SIG or the members of the government or those in Parliament.

It has been my desire to serve the SIG and the people of the Solomon Islands with truthful, factual reporting despite the fact my service to the country ended in July 1999.

I very much hope my efforts have been appreciated, albeit never acknowledged.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Short