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Hon Minister Fika’s attack on the media

16 February 2021

Dear Editor - I write to express utmost dismay at the way Minister Fiika has attacked journalist Eddie Osifelo and his boss, Mathias Loji over the Tubi affair.

For a government minister to come out the way he did is, in my view, utterly disgraceful. 

The Minister’s explanation which led to his decision and the initial decision to dispose of the Tubi consignment is questionable. 

For example, if indeed the matter is still before the High Court, what is the hurry to dispose of the consignment before a judicial decision is made?

Secondly, the Minister confirmed that on 21st December 2020 he issued an “Executive Order, in other words, directives to various government bodies to facilitate the export of the seized Tubi by Sunrise Investment Ltd. 

The company has just been fined $50, 000. Why reward a guilty party, Mr. Minister. It makes no sense.

The Minister was asked the correct question – did you give the directive for the export of the Tubi consignment? The Minister’s answer was no. 

The problem the Minister has is proving his innocence. There were letters signed by him to direct the export of the Tubi consignment. Island Sun published the letters a few days ago. How can you deny that, Minister?

Untruth does not leave you in good standing, Mr. Minister. The Prime Minister should act immediately to remove him. 

To attack a businessman that Mr. Loji is, publicly as the Minister has done, is totally unfair

Finally, what does the Minister know about Journalism to make a judgment as he did against Journalist Osifelo and the Managing Director of Island Sun newspaper, Mr. Loji, Mr. Minister? 

There is no justification for your poor judgment and outburst.

The people of this country deserve better.


Alfred Sasako
West Kolaa Ridge