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The enduring faith

16 February 2021

Dear Editor - As even time swiftly developments in Bangkok where I have found a home for many years since leaving the Solomon Islands as long ago as 1999, I reflected on the many countries I was privileged to have served in as a policeman since 1959 and decided to turn to U Tube on my laptop to listen, once more, to the playing of the National anthems of those countries, including, of course, the Solomon Islands, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesothu, Papua News Guinea, South Africa, St Helena Vanuatu, and even India, where I never served, but was touched to listen to the playing olf the Evening Hymn, ‘Abide with Me’ at a recently held ‘Beating the Retreat Ceremony held in New Delhi. 

What struck me as significant was all in National Anthems was the Christian message contained in the words of each anthem and the encouragement for faith, pride in the county, and national progress with unity.

The Solomon Islands must never lose faith in a brighter and more prosperous future, despite the hardships of today, and be committed to the faith which still holds fast.


Frank Short