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Education in Renbel needs re-direction

17 February 2021

Dear Editor - The above subject cannot be overlooked by the people responsible. Having said that, I drove into one of the CHS here in Honiara yesterday morning and realized that many students from Renbel have ended up in that particular CHS. 

While I congratulated the principal and management of that school for that graceful act, as well as shouldering the problem of my province, I don’t think the province should take it for granted. 

To the premier and his education minister, the bad and poor education services in our province should remain your number one priority needs to address at your levels as you cannot continue to ignore/pretended. 

The good news was the motion was withdrawn and should give you more than enough time to concentrate and ensure that services in the province are intact include Education. 

Despite having the full force include the school inspector, the chief education officer, career masters, various school principals, and deputy, etc. 

Premier, the schools in Renbel have been rated as the least of the schools around the country. 

If we are not embarrassed by such sarcastic news or even challenging us to do much better, then the best option is to quit and go home! 

Premier, most poor parents, and guidance have been seen around in Honiara with their children looking for spaces in various schools which reminds me of those old days. 

Man, this is 2021, Renbel Province is still far way behind especially in terms of Education. That is shameful!

Despite having a full education team, one would question so what are these people doing. 

CEO and your team, if you are causing those poor parents to hunts for space in Honiara CHS, then do you think you still deserve those positions? 

If others can make it, what kind of workshop did you attend that ended up with zero contribution to our system? What kind of qualification did you obtain/acquire that resulted in zero contribution?

To stop our poor parents and guidance from looking so embarrassing and feel very humiliated in search for spaces in Honiara, how can the current premier, his education minister, and his executive do assure our poor people on the current education zero progress? 

How can you assure our people that you are there to make a difference? If no difference then what are we doing, Mr. Speaker??? 

Finally, I recommend that the premier and his education minister need to demand the CEO and his team to justify their poor performances during last year or show them the exit door immediately. 

We cannot just sit and watch while our people and province are heading nowhere due to these so-called educationists? 


Yours faithfully,

Jei Jei Stanley
Tasahe Heights