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Northwest Choiseul constituency

22 August 2014

Dear Editor – I'd like to contribute to a debate regarding the current Member of Parliament for North West Choiseul.

It is interesting to note that whilst the National election is around the corner much has been seen and debated in the media regarding our constituency and MP.

Anyway my purpose of writing this note is to inform and advise my people of Northwest Choiseul Constituency to open their eyes in order to vote wisely for our next leader.

What my people need to know is our current leader has poor leadership attributes.

He is not capable of leading us because what he has shown and done during his four years have indicated his incapability as a leader.  And to mention development, there is virtually nothing tangible can be seen in our constituency except the Solar and Copper syndrome which has been the tone of the talk.

The following information outlined below should give our people something to think about before casting their votes:

a)      All shipment and procurement of materials such as solar panels, copper and other materials designed for our constituency under our MP was only transacted out between our MP and his close friend and businessman. I wonder why Lauru shipping and other service providers were not given an equal chance. This raises a lot of suspicion from the constituents about this business dealing. This has always been the practice during his term in office which is about two months away nearing its legitimate end. All documents are being kept for proof and reference.

b)      Our MP now owns some vehicles which he mentioned to our people were given by his friend as a token of appreciation.

c)      He owns houses and property at Lunga and you know what he owned nothing before becoming an MP.

d)      He bought a property at Taro worth around $350,000.00 for his family whilst 99.9% of his constituents’ requests for project funds have been rejected. Only his small favoured friends and blood relatives received project funds and benefits.

e)      A piece of land in Gizo was initially intended to be purchased for in the name of North West Constituency through a resident there. However, the particular Land is now being diverted to be the property of one of his committee members and close friend. The committee member has claimed that the property rightly belongs to them.

f)       He has made gross and false promises  to North West Choiseul educated elites in Honiara in order  to get recognition from the village people to forge his way to becoming an MP. He in fact was an undesired person because he is not charismatic and has conservative approach.

g)      Watch out that he has framed out another con tactic to bring in village elders to Honiara. These elders are currently on their way on board MV Lauru 1.They will be hosted once in the four year term of our MP for a big feast for their last supper. More meetings are expected to take place and our ignorant elders will definitely receive more brainwashing from him. This is a daylight corruption to spend money from the North West Choiseul Constituency fund just to bring these people to Honiara. He knows so well how to manipulate these mostly uneducated individuals.

Please open our eyes and see the reality. Be wise!

Fidel Manuru