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Family Protection Bill is rubbish

02 September 2014

Dear Editor - The passage of this bill in parliament showed the thoughtless and careless attitude of our leaders.

The bill is foreign driven and most designers were people who hardly care for their own families. The purpose of this bill is to separate families and bills aimed at destroying families is not good for this country and MP's should not support it.

The legislation will in fact cause more family break up and social problems within families than now when implemented.

Our culture and tradition is very rich with best methods of looking and caring for people within the communities.

We exist since the days of our ancestors till this day through these practices without bills of this nature.

Restraining men will not solve any family issue, in fact will cause more harm to families than good.

There should be a bill aimed at disciplining those having extra marital affairs outside marriage as this is the number cause of violence in the homes.

No man will ever sit and watch his wife taken out by another man for example. It is a human nature that one must react.

Any new government emerged after the election this year should revisit this law and do away with it.

It underestimates our cultural and traditional values in sorting out issues, biblical teachings and worst of all the bill was initially designed by family destroyers.

John Aonima
White River