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Pallaras’ statement so true

02 September 2014

Dear Editor - I'd like to comment on the High Court Judge, Mr. Steven Pallaras reply to the DPP, in response to Mr. Ronald Bei Talasasa’s attacked on Judge’s comments.

The Public hail and said well done to High Court Judge’s reply that opens the eye of people on their legal system.

In the Solomon Star issue No. 5597 dated 23th August, 2014, Mr Pallaras can be interpreted as saying the Judiciary system and the National Constitution of our Country can be used by leaders or the rich people of our Country for their own gain.

My concern is with how the rich can manipulate the system therefore the Electoral Commission must properly deal with the claim made by the West Honiara Council (WHC).

 “Solomon Star issue No. 5592 paragraph 19, May I Quote: If anyone has evidence of attempts at Electoral fraud they should bring these cases to the attention of police, Mr. Haununu said, end of quote” May I ask a question, Who will defend the Electoral Act? My answer is the Electoral Commission should be Responsible in this case; this I Quote an investigation by the Electoral Commission can be done first and the Commission office report to the Police.

I wish and Hope we have a clean and Fair general Election

God Bless Solomon Islands!!!!!!

Benny Mathew
New Height, White River