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MP for Gao-Bugotu

02 September 2014

Dear Editor – I wish to briefly make a few comments in response to Japhill Dikahehe issues on Island Sun dated 21/08/2014 NO.1761.

Firstly, I would like thank him for sharing his unfounded and baseless comments he made towards the Gao/Bogutu Constituency, MP, Samuel Manetoali.

Well, fellow voter and my friend, if the information you’ve got perhaps briefly contenting the detail report in which specified base on true enquiring from the C.D.O of Gao/Bugotu or from the responsible authorities then it sounds reasonable to make comment in the media.

But to me it is so obviously meaningless to make unnecessary information that cannot help the solidarity beneficial of our people within our constituency, or somehow on political matters that only wanting to ruin the moral status of the MP, without understanding his capability of doing things, the ability of his Job, the quality, the leadership and the work he tried to maintained, continues assisting the people of Gao/Bugotu, then my friend your comment has bring to my attention as desperately not acceptable in our constituency and our societies.

We should respect the work of our MP, as such if we have doubts why not you just ask your MP to explain rather than making yourself full around beggaring from one candidate to another and lastly making comment on media just for what?

What is your main intention, are you dreaming my friend? Don’t you realise that you’re already in the swamp of mosquitoes in a pool of mad.

Perhaps not my friend, and if we reconsider the fundamental principles that abide to us then who are you supposed to work with, be careful my friend, try and be honest with the assumption of analysis you want to make.

The procedures are there based on the strategies information guaranties provided by our MP and the authorities responsible, and not picking up rubbish just like kids.

As per my observation, the current MP is doing his best to provide every vital service to the people.

Most are always there in asking for money and even if there is a problem he always solved and answered.

He is a very simple man, honest, dedicated, hardworking, and always making fair judgment to every decision he made.

In case you aren’t aware of the few development that are currently underway, now the Tatamba wharf located right at the center of Gao/Bugotu constituency is about to complete, our mini hospital is already in plan, the mini township, likely the establishment of cannery factory and infrastructures development, oh great!

What a leader, nearly every week boat and engine, copper roofing materials, chainsaw, solar panel coming down to villages, assisting communities project, churches, chiefs, youths organisations, schools and individualism in terms of school fees etc and many more.

And by comparing to the previous past members, they have done their best but not as what we have seen today, so my fellow brother voter, when you say that word “CORRUPTION” same person, same human being, then who is corruption?

Corruption my friend, started inside your house, your blood and your brain.

Even you want the explanation on how the money was spent, ”surprisingly” don’t waste your time, every record was already with the CDO and that money belongs to the people who live at villages and not those who live at Honiara like you, we must consider that as democratic countries always ruled by the majority, so our MPs must prioritise their voters.

So what`s your problem? It’s people who are corrupt like you always ask, not our MP.

We people sometimes tried to adjust our attitudes, our behaviour and our concern towards our leaders, they spend a lot of time facilitating, implementing, utilising, developing, maintaining the relationship both internationally and locally and that is for the well-fare of their people, the constituency, province and this nation at large.

So I hope my friend, don’t interfere with the rights and mislead the public, people and the constituency because election is coming closer next to you and your candidates, which people are not interested in.

Let’s work together to achieve our aims and goals and the future of our beloved Constituency Gao/Bugotu.

Peter Dikota