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Where’s our allowance?

02 September 2014

Dear Editor - As a concerned citizen of our country, I just want to mention to us fellow friends,relatives, and parents.
This year was known to be the most problematic year faced by Solomon Islanders studying at Unitech, PNG.

  • More than 4weeks late for school due to Visa processing system so slow.
  • Arriving on campus,started the next 5weeks of a total disaster with the student body boycott, demanding the reinstatement of the former Chancellor Dr Albert Schram.
  • When all have settled in & peace has returned another crept in,now tarnishing the good reputation of NTU,MOFT and the office of S.I high commission in PNG leaving us with nothing but helplessness.
  • Student received the first semester allowance with certainty that the 2nd semester allowance already allocated as mentioned to us by the NTU staff & MOFT from Honiara.
  • Currently,only half(K1000)of the allowance(K2400) for each has been received. We now in the final 7th week of this semester and still waiting.
  • We tried all avenue to find where the other half & why there is a delay.However,the technique displayed was nothing but excuse & finger pointing.

NTU said that all paper work already done and are waiting on Ministry of Finance and Treasury(MOFT) to make the payment to S.I High Commission in PNG. However, MOFT said that all payments have already been delivered to SI High commission in PNG since the beginning of this year.

When contacting the SI High Commission in PNG,the response is that they are still waiting for the fund to be paid before it can be distributed to us.We just want our allowance as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your attention.

Nelson Rore'a
SRC International student Rep