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Gov’t cash strapped?

02 September 2014

Dear Editor – You raised this issue in Star No 5600 of 26/08/'14.

How can this be surprising when MPs have so many sources of public funds to suck out from the Consolidated bucket?

And they would always have priority otherwise the Government of the day would fall.

Remember that MPs not only have the RCDF, but as well, the various budget allocations for so called various 'project' funds especially under the ill-conceived Ministry of Rural Development.

The main purpose of this Ministry it would seem was to prevent national government funds from reaching the Provinces and availing these instead to MPs.

The irony here is that the Provinces are supposed to be the rural setting for any 'Rural development' not the Ministry of Rural Development which is far removed from the rural setting.

It is really a Ministry for developing Members of Parliament and their very few stooges.

I am saying this with due utmost respect to the one or two MPs who have been proven to be true national leaders by being very sensitive in avoiding contributing to the worsening of such serious cash flow situations as this.

Of course when all the MPs demand funding from the various sources they decided to also access, at the same time, there would be cash flow problems.

Let us hope that the Leadership Integrity and Political Stability laws recently passed when properly applied would put an end to such selfish practices as this.

Gabriel Taloikwai