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Gold Ridge takeover

02 September 2014

Dear Editor – While I support the present government call to localize the ownership of the only mining in the country I am concern over the attitudes and policy of the NCRA regime and their term in office.

  1. The present parliament/ government terms in office ends 8th September 2014.

  2. The present government’s disrespect policy to compulsorily acquire my people’s customary land for Tina River Hydro is a very clear example of a bad government that have No care to customary ownership and rights.

  3. I fear what my people enjoyed in the 1996 Gold Ridge agreements will not be there for them anymore, because the current NCRA government will put it all in the name of sovereign wealth which will be controlled by the office of the Prime Minister.

  4. The current NCRA government’s liar to my people regarding gold recovery, royalty, includes many false promises.

Not sure whether the arrangement by the NCRA to own the mine are of any NCRA policy or are we ready to invest into debt over AUD200milion? Or may be for someone else.

My advice and request to you my good people and landowners of Gold Ridge be careful not to be bullied by a leadership who have no respect to you and people of Guadalcanal.

Walton Naezon