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North West Choiseul MP

02 September 2014

Dear Editor – I'd like to comment on some of things raised by Mr Manuru as appeared in Solomon star 23rd August against 2014s against the MP for the North West Choiseul.

To begin with, I was not the supporter of the current MP during the last National General election.

After the announcement of the winning candidate at Taro the Provincial headquarters, the result turned out to be not my choice.

However, I waited patiently to see what happen next. Less than a month rural dwellers in North West Choiseul constituency began to receive the most needed items such as solar lights, iron roofing and other items you did not mentioned in your letter.

From that I am convinced that this is a kind of leader we need for our people. Thank you for those of you who have voted for Hon Sandakabatu to be our leader. Out from your choice many have benefited.

Mr Manuru continued to say in his letter “no development in North West Constituency”.

To avoid confusion and misleading the public, firstly Mr Manuru must know the definition of what is development, secondly know what type of development, and thirdly identify what type of development you are talking about.

 Manuru must also know there are two levels of government in this country – the National and the Provincial governments.

These governments set up have their own development plan strategies in which Mr Manuru cannot mix them up and started to bla..bla about it.

Don’t you realise the context of your letters reflects you and your cronies will be worst if you become a leader in this constituency?

General outlook, the Hon. MP for North West Choiseul provided assistance to improve rural living but Manuru did not realise it is a development however, in a small scale to start with.

Manuru expected to see mighty buildings, bridges, big farms etc..etc.. Mind you, do you know that land matters are a problem in Choiseul?

Apart from individual assistance the Hon. MP supported some community projects, examples in schools and clinics however, community contribution is another problem.

I wonder where Mr Manuru was when these activities took place starting from Qaloe to Saqigae.

He might hide in the cave to keep him away to see many good things our MP is doing. That was why I come to say Manuru does not know what he is talking about.

Let me enlighten Mr Manuru that people in North West Choiseul constituency have voted already.

No Westem taem blo you campaigning for another Tom Dick and Harry. Enough is enough for North West Choiseul dwellers.

What else another intended candidate will be doing for the people of NW? This is a question needs to be answered. No come lalae lo people and tanem backseat olsem totele.

Mr Manuru further mentioned the MP’s personal property complaining about his vehicles, houses and business at Taro and his association with other business houses. Let me explain to you this way if you don’t know.

  1. The MP for North West is not a liu like you Mr Manuru. He is a long-serving public officer holding high positions until the time of his election. Do you know his savings in his bank account, NPF and others? Stop crying over the spilt milk except get on your work hard to have one of your own.

  2. The MP’s association with other business houses is welcome. In doing so he can mobilise his program more conveniently.

  3. All what you accused against the Hon. MP has not proof to find him guilty because there has been no investigation to prove. The right place to submit your allegation in your favour is in court.

  4. Do you know how much money the poorest in our constituency were saving after the supplies of solar lights by the MP for the last four years? Congratulation Mr Sandakabatu.

If you do not get any assistance from the MP, can’t you appreciate and acknowledge him when your extended families or the poorest in our constituency were receiving. Only the wise people have this kind of mind, not the short slighted ones like Manuru.

Readers can quickly pick Mr Manuru is survived with greedy, selfishness and full of jealousy wanting people in the North West to go back to square one.

Let me remind you that the majority of people in the said constituency are clever these days not like you my brother Manuru.

They will go for the one they have seen what he is doing for them. To elect someone they have seen their capability will be risk. These clarifications allow me inform Manuru to be patient, come down and join the majority.

R. Taulena
North West Choiseul