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POB for life

03 September 2014

Dear Editor – Some small earners or grassroots are NPF members.

Recently, the NPF bosses were under the spot light for some reasons concerning the members' money borrowed by a business group worth millions.

Only business groups were allowed to borrow from poor NPF members' money, the "under carpet act of NPF" known only by NPF bosses.

Since the commencement of the POB, these poor NPF members are making use of their small share in NPF to kick-off whatsoever small businesses they want.

Try to be an employer not an employee any more, so look after your business well.

Great thanks to our Government (NCRA) and CBSI for allowing this bank "POB" to operate here in Solomon.

“POB for Life" to Grassroots. Let alone the other three commercial banks for business people or rich people.

Try another flavour.

John Stello Damola