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Disgraceful leaders must not be entertained

03 September 2014

Dear Editor - The Premier of Western Province should sack his Deputy Hon. Brisbane Amatore, MPA for Inner Shortlands, for his disgraceful behavior. Just the other night (26/08/14) he was drunk and came to our house at Kombevatu around 10pm and started swearing at us unprovoked. This is his second time. 

He has been doing this in the streets of Gizo as well. Just recently on 4th August 2014, he was as usual drunk and kept shouting and swearing right in our village of Maleai. He then went over to Nuhu Village and swore to the entire community there in which he was being demanded a compensation payment.

He is currently intending to contest upcoming national elections but he has yet to deliver at provincial level since becoming our MPA. He poorly conducts himself to the expectations of a leader! Wat kaen leader na olsem yia?

He loved to call himself Multi-Millionaire but he has yet to settle his debts at village canteens back at home. This is unbecoming of a leader!

I would therefore strongly urge our premier to immediately sack his deputy and replace with him with someone worthy to hold that esteem position.  

Lawrence Ora