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Gold Ridge Mine Sale

03 September 2014

Dear Editor - Media reports of government's intention to take over St. Barbara's Gold Ridge Mine brings to mind the manner in which the former 'government' House and Land (now occupied by Heritage Hotel) was dealt with.

If I recall correctly, it was sold, reclaimed, and then sold again by the government. It was alleged that the prime site was sold twice and that the two different Ministers of Finance involved could make money on the side line as kickbacks.

One of the two former Ministers of Finance involved actually confided that his firm was the legal counsel to the deal. A classic case of conflict of interest.

We must be vigilant so as not to allow what allegedly happened to the former State land and house to happen again with the Gold Ridge mine.

Once government owns the Gold Mine, the temptation would be there for powerful and influential individuals within it to try and unfairly benefit in any sales of it.
Enough is enough!

G. Taloikwai