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Bainimarama, model leader?

20 October 2014

Dear Editor - It is most interesting to read Henry Ata Daukalia's piece glorifying Fiji's Bainimarama (see Star of Monday 13th Oct 2014).

In my opinion it is too early to judge whether Bainimarama is a good leader of his people. For goodness sake, the man has only been elected. Let him rule for a while then we'll see and judge later.

Then again only the Fijians who will experience his policies over the next 4 years or so will be better judges of their leader.

For Ma'asina Forum of Solomon Islands to publicly adore the "goodness" or "worthiness" of a foreign leader on the eve of our own elections is laughable if not absurd.

Many Solomon Islanders hardly know or have experienced the man's rule. But many Solomon Islanders have seen and experienced the leadership of some of the Ma'asina Big Men.

Some of the Ma'asina Big Men will be contesting in our National Elections. Why not concentrate on promoting their leadership credentials (garem tu)?? 

What Bainimarama qualities do they (Ma'asina Big Men) possess that would benefit Solomon Islanders? 

It is said that when Bainimarama held power as the dictator, he did some things that benefitted some Fijians. One or two of the Ma'asina Big Men were previously Members of Parliament. 

So what did they do whilst in power that has since benefited our people? Pardon me but our people have seen these people in our communities running their own businesses for their own benefit. So where is the Bainimarama example?

After 36 years of Independence, we do not need copycat leaders.

Why can't we have unique home-grown leaders? Men and women who because of custom and or Christian values are committed to serving our people and country ahead of their own personal or cronies' interests.

It should not matter if the leader's name is Bananarama or Cucumberama or Ba'erarama. We need leaders who will serve our country faithfully and honestly and not rip us all off.

Sorry Henry, Bainimarama just does not impress me that much. Solomon Islands deserves better!  

Yames Kaka