Election - Solomon Star News


20 October 2014

Dear Editor - Election fever is high, not only in Honiara, but in the provinces as well. Intending candidates are lobbying for potential voters, new political parties’ are launching their manifestos and everybody are wondering who they will vote for.

From my observation in recent days, I was quite shocked and sadden to learn that people are receiving money from intending candidates.

Now, for my point of view, I see that as corruption and I urge Solomon Islanders to recognise that, because that is what we are trying to change in order to have a better life.

We must remember that the money given is only for today, but those people will be in power for four years and what will they do for us?

We have already seen these kind of tactics before, are we going to fall in their traps again or are we going to do what is right?  We must remember that the decision we make today will affect us in the future.

I remember a man came up to me and asked me for my voter’s  ID card and I asked him what for, and he said that he wants to give it to an intending candidate, so that he will give me money. I told him that my voter’s ID card is my voice and my children’s future.

It is not something that is to be taken lightly. So I urge all Solomon Islanders, if you love your children, your family and your nation, don’t just vote for today, but for the future of our children and this nation.

Frannie Mae