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Speaker resigned

20 October 2014

Dear Editor - When he was Chairman of the Electoral Commission recently, this character was alleged to have appointed his relatives to certain positions of influence during the voter registration process for his consistency.

When picked upon that his alleged action would constitute a conflict of interest situation if he was to stand for the coming Parliamentary elections, he categorically denied that he was going to stand as a candidate.

That was his defence.

He did not deny the appointment of his relatives as not true but rather that he was not going to stand as a candidate for the Savo/Russells constituency.

In case the former Speaker thinks that Solomon Islanders have no brains to remember such lies as this, his alleged appointment of his relatives for involvement in the recent voter registration process when he was Chairman of the Electoral Commission must be investigated.

It was possible that he would pursue his interests through his relatives in the registration of voters in the constituency he would be standing in as a candidate.

Past and intended leaders who lied publicly and think they can get away with it, have no place in the country they have been partly to be blamed for its miseries. Remember voters, enough is enough!

Gabriel Taloikwai