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Stalin - ‘Poor MMF’

20 October 2014

Dear Editor – Mr Stalin penned in one of his usual poet about leaders and one of its lines carried this: “MMF do not fulfill any of their noises at all…”.

Well, brother Stan; the least MMF can say is;  at least every NPF member was blessed with a 20% interest on their social welfare funds after MMF made a hell lot of noise about Tavanipupu plus other foreign investors who loved milking our fat lady milk cow-SINPF.

If that was not good enough then sore tumas na bikos we provide our services free of charge in case you forgot, and enough of shooting down messengers and whistleblowers na olketa ae.

Try shootim down ol corrupt idiots ia lelebet.

MMF has done its part by making a hell lot of noises for the last three years about serious issues especially in the areas of “Management” of our wealth and resources and have been making a hell lot of noises for the last ten or so years on matters concerning injustices, marginalization and sovereignty.

These issues have in great ways infected and affected our country especially our economy which has been systematically manipulated and propagated by ruling PhD elites, degree holders, economists and born again Christians while good people remained silent and numb and now MMF through PPP have decided to take our crusade into that powerhouse on mount Vavaya.

If MMF can achieve something through making a lot of noises outside of parliament and politics then we are sure, we can do even greater things if you and your likes plus more than 600,000 souls of this country could give us the mandate for at least for the next four years, and take it from MMF brother Stalin.

MMF will be the “Game Changer” this time round because we have proved ourselves by putting our necks on the chopping board while every good people remained silent on many occasions and on many issues and also because we have the vision to pull our nation from the disaster coming up against us.

All this nation needs now is a strong leader with a strong heart for his people and not women-like voiceless mute donkeys.

Appreciate if you could now reshape your poem to something like: “NCRA’s $8m per head per year have not fulfilled any of their noises”.

Oh boy! $32m bucks per head per 4yrs is a hell lot of noises isn’t it but some have doubled it to the tune of $62mill, some even triple but have those triple noises fulfilled NCRA’s slogan ‘Rural Advancement’?, Sorry but a sorrowful and pitiful shame plus a shameful “ZERO economic growth” bottomless pit.

It’s a shame that all those NCRA eloquent political empty rhetoric speeches have made our wealth disappeared and vamoosed in thin air.

Look no further fellow citizens because the ZERO growth has now spoken for itself on behalf of ‘Rock solid NCRA’, because the truth and the crux of the matter is not about the April flood nor because of GRML’s closure, it was all about NCRA’s open shameless and blatant mismanagement of our economy.

And would it be wrong to say that they deserve to be publicly scrutinized or have we all become dumb and mute donkeys as well? Take it from MMF brother Stan, MMF will put more on notice if given the chance, and keep up the good work of poetry.

Thank you.


Henry Ata Daukalia