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Someone has to answer

15 April 2015

Dear Editor – It was very interesting to see the front page of Island Sun on the Monday 13th April 2015 edition.

The High Court decided in favour of the Baha’i Community on a commercial building built by a Chinese.

I wonder what it will be like if all similar cases of such nature are taken up to the court of law and decisions are overturned as that which is referred to.

Someone has to answer for this. Could it be the Commissioner of Lands?

The crux of this article is to raise additional query which is the sharp increase of Asians in Honiara and Solomon Islands.

Chinese shopkeepers who do not even speak Solomon Islands Pidjin, yet you see them all over the counters. What the hell are they here for? Holidaying? Employment? What?

Somebody has to answer for this. Could it be the Director of Immigration?

Is it so easy to get a work permit in the sovereign country of Solomon Islands?

I’m happy the Minister of Commerce in his budget speech has somewhat touched based on improving entrepreneurship and the Minister of Lands on Land corruptive dealings.

Indigenous Solomon Islanders need to be treated fairly and squarely.

Just because they do not have that much to play around with does not take away their right to invest in their own country.

Ioane Tome
Henderson, Lunnga,
Central Guadalcanal