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Lawyers - where is the legal ethics?

15 April 2015

Dear Editor – My comments that follow below are not intended to attack the legal fraternity for which I have high regard.

If I am overstating the claims, I offer my apology in advance.

I do so out of respect for those who are not the subject of this concerned, since the title of my article encompasses lawyers generally.

Lawyers are professionals and I assumed that to be a fact, not a slogan.

Reading through some of the courts’ judgements available on paclii, I am baffled that some judgements are littered with criticisms about lawyers’ unprofessional conducts.

I can imagine how much of such is submerged in the cases not published online or with judges who do hold back reducing criticisms in their written judgements.

Regrettably the notable criticisms are against some senior lawyers who I think should be role models for aspiring lawyers like myself.

It makes me now to think twice about whether to continue self-fund my law study or switch to something else.

That may be too naïve of me.

But the thought of addressing some sloppy and unprofessional lawyers as “learned friends” in the future (upon successful completion of study of course) seems to be a disguise which does not go down well with me.

Furthermore, I cannot understand how and why a handful of such so-called professionals are allowed the chance to rip the public by continuing their practice.

I think a lawyer who meddles with client’s money is in no different position from one who receives horrendous legal fees for doing a disservice to his/her client.

Aina Tolo