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Logging development

17 April 2015

Dear Editor – May I refer to what has been said against me in the Solomon Star issued on 22/02/15 in which my Premier has been said to be part of it?

Those of us whom you and Mr Haganitoto have against tried our very best to bring into our lands what we think vital at the moment by turning our resources into hard cash by means of logging development as clearly defined in the Forest Resources And Timber Utilisation Act.

Yet, criticism spelt out trying to overturn what has been completed according to Sections 7 - 12 of the FRTU Act.

What part of the FRTU Act have we contravened and so we are not qualified or entitled to bring about such development?

I have in my part completed the full requirement stipulated in the above Act.

My honourable Premier, I ask you to take a walk down to the landing site to see for yourself whose voters spent months and months selling betel nuts, fruit leafs and cigarettes down there sleeping and cooking in the open air markets.

Is that the type of development you want Kahua people to engage in? If it was me, I would have ashamed of my people sleeping and cooking in the open airs.

What would you do to them in such situation Mr Premier?

Gone are the days of the so-called Kahua Conservation because of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds to achieve your dreams come true.

What can we say to Kahua Conservation in now day is "MAURUKORO, you are at the point of no return".

Where are the so-called Kahua Leaders?

It proofs to me that since Kahua leaders are incapable of doing things, those of us whom you spoilt publicly emerged individually and tried to bring development that would bring changes to our people’s livelihood in terms of better houses and having monies for school fees etc,

But if you have a better development plan besides ours, "doim now wait for what time".

We have laws that govern all development in the land and if the Company, laborers or individual breaches the law then whoever is concern will meet the consequences of his act.

No one is above the law and that is the true saying therefore, no one wants to be pointed at the barrel of a gun.

Lastly, but not the least, thank you my honourable Premier for taking your time.

Rockson Dan Gete
Licensee/Land Trustee
West Wanione Tropical Resources