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NTU leadership

17 April 2015

Dear Editor – If you would allow me to raise my concern and view regarding the current performance of National Training Unit, this year 2015.

There are two major issues that really stands out, that I would really like to highlight. During the reign of the outgoing NTU director Mr Selu, there has been a lot of criticisms from the students, parents and general public about the poor performance, management and coordination of scholarships of academic students within the country and abroad.

This calls for greater reform and change of leadership by the NTU, and Mr Tito has been introduced as the new person in charge, with education quality, vision of great improvement.

Tito has experience, and was seen by the public as the right man for the right Job.

He promised and gave assurances that through his leadership, NTU will work timely and effectively, to address all the obstacles from the previous Selu leadership.

Okay what happened in 2015?

The NTU, who never sent preliminary students to overseas institution, are now sending unqualified students to study in Laucala Campus, Fiji.

And what happen to some of these students?

They have been sent back home! A pity and a shame. The Permanent Secretary continue to deny the issue, what a shame, realising this is true to be false.

It is a slap in the face of the country’s policy. And only shows underperformance by the NTU leadership. Where is Mr Tito and the whole NTU team now? Where are your promised reform for the previous system?

Secondly, more than 15 UNITECH students have been sent back home, because there is no school fee paid by the SIG.

They were sent very late to their institution, and now they were sent back very early. No school fee.  What does this tells about the current NTU?

Student’s educational opportunity and dream, to timely complete their respective programs are in death end now.

The country’s potential human resources have been denied for this year. How do you think the students and families will feel about this unfortunate situation?

Please, just don’t blame anyone for this, you are the focal points, who should coordinate properly, and you have more time than enough to sort out the process, that leads to this poor embarrassing situation.

It just simple as crystal that Mr Tito and your colleagues, and those involved, have lack capacity to handle the situation.

Your performance is poor, that shows lack of innovative ideas for improvement. Instead of making greater improvement, you are bringing the education training system of the Solomon Island government into a deep pit.

It is a pity and shame for Solomon Islands images in overseas institutions, to have this unfortunate and avoidable scenario to happen.

Guys, give it a thought about your lack of capability and the capacity to perform your roles and responsibilities.

Please, just be kind and step aside, there are capable people around.

In my personal view, there are already visible and clear indication of lack of capacity and capability within the current NTU leadership.

To conclude, I will say that the current NTU has brought the country’s elite education to great embarrassment, with their educational hierarchy and counterparts in their dealings with students.

Stanley Fogutu