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"I have a dream" poem

09 August 2015

Dear Editor – The above poem by a certain Tina Zhai is an interesting one.

If she is one believing in the second coming of our Lord, then as all Christians do, we all believe in a better world when the Lord will recreate and make all things new.

Then there will be peace and joy for evermore (Rev. 21).

However, if she is one of those advocating that this world would eventually get better without divine intervention, or just her wishful thinking, then sorry, it is only an utopia that would never happen a thousand years or even more; unless the Lord returns to bring peace on earth.

The good old book says,

1 Thess​. ​5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

​It is humankind's ideal wish to have peace and safety here on this earth, but it won't be possible.

Why? Because as long as we still have the 'prince' of the darkness of this world ​alive and active, he is not going to allow peace on this earth.

Thus, the text above tells us that peace, safety and tranquility will not be possible until the 'prince' of peace Himself rules this world.

There are a lot of people in the world including ourselves who wish to see peace reigning on earth, but until and unless the world allows the 'prince' of peace to rule, then it won't be possible.

Take time to read Matthew 24, the chapter that Christ told his disciples what would happen just before he comes.

Read it and carefully study the minute details of current events that are happening in the political, economic, medical, religious and natural world today.

You would be amazed to discover that this world is not getting better but rather is heading towards a stupendous crisis ahead.

As Christ said, it won't be a time of joy and peace but as birth pains, is going to make even our leaders wonder why all these things are happening.

Why is it that even parents are neglecting their children?

Why is it that some young man would just walk into a classroom full of kids three years and up and shoot them to death?

Why is it that a father would just get a gun and shoot his kids, wife and himself to death?

Why is it that even our leaders are not rendering an ear to our cries , instead exploit us and not even caring about our concerns?

Let me remind us that the Lord is gradually withdrawing His Holy Spirit from this earth, that's why!

​And when He does, then evil spirits would take over our lives and so we do the sort of things I've just mentioned earlier. ​

Remember King Saul in the Old Testament? God removed His Holy Spirit from him (1 Samuel 16:14-15), and an evil spirit took over his life till he met his fate in the battlefield (II Sam. 31).

​Therefore, as man tends to reject God as it is today on a daily basis, we can never expect peace on earth.

We can only say thanks to God for not allowing the devil (Rev. 7:3) to fully ​exercise his power now, but it won't be long before He allows him to do his final work of destruction.

I'd like to thank Tina for her dream, as we all need to dream about good things, especially heavenly things (Col. 3:2).

But the only reason I write this in response to her is to ascertain ourselves that we do not create false hopes to our readers that this world is going to be better and we'll live in peace, especially without Christ and His plan of restoring man and this world; which is a paradise lost to our first parents.

​Let's all dream and focus our eyes on heavenly things, allowing God to fulfill His will in our lives and expand His kingdom while waiting here on earth.

Fulton College
Nadi, Fiji Islands