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Solomon soccer at Pacific Games

11 August 2015

Dear Editor - I would like to make few comments concerning the recent participation and performance of our soccer team during the pacific game.

Firstly, Solomon soccer is no longer a force or threat in the Oceania region because the current result speaks out well of itself.

In the past Solomon soccer is very entertaining to watch compared to nowadays. Furthermore, Solomon soccer already lost its flavor because even those teams that we used to beat them in the past they becomes our stabling block and do make things even worse it seems that our style of play do not have any structure or game plan this makes our game too boring to watch.

After all our wishful thinking and dreams it’s just like another fairy tales in my point of view is that since we have the facility and assistance from OFC and FIFA our soccer development should not decline who’s to blame the downfall of our number one sport?

If our soccer body in the country cannot lift the standard of football to the next level then, we desperately needs a foreign savior to intervene immediately to rescues our dying football.

Lastly, in a nutshell or to be more specific to bring someone from aboard it will cost SIFF a lot of money but in the long run it will improve the standard of football in our beloved Solomon islands.

Aseri Senky Selovaka
West Honiara