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Child trafficking

17 August 2015

Dear Editor - The media coverage on this issue recently should not take us by surprise.

The officials from Save the Children and the MWYCA must have been living in another planet to have not noticed this. While these two might look at this issue from a different angle, I must say that this is a result of the human rights they have been promoting. Today the human rights, more so that of women and children has been promoted outside of Solomon Islands context therefore is directly having negative impacts on our society.

Many of our girls decided to go into the sex industry at their own will. Many decided to leave their homes and sleep in caves, containers, wreckages etc using their rights. In our culture, girls are highly valued and for that they are well protected and respected. With our changing society, that has not been the case, rights dominated our behaviour and conducts, hence resulting in the many new challenges we are faced with.

With the revelation of the high rate child trafficking here, what should the concerned ministry and stake holders do? Where are the millions of dollars under your budget each year in the name of children and girls?

How did millions of dollars donors usually support your children's program with each year used and for whose benefits?

What you have just discovered means your programs and priorities are wrong and that its, high time you target the real issues as in this case, at the same time churches, communities and families must sing the same tune.

John Aonima
White River