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Do away with elections

25 August 2015

Dear Editor - The purpose for which the electoral act was established is crystal clear, that is to administer elections in this country so that people are represented in parliament or in governance.

Today, the major cause of social disharmony in our country is our elected leaders.

These leaders are so greedy that legalise funds to suit their personal interests resulting in many Solomon Islanders becoming very helpless and poor in their on soil.

To address this, we should do away with elections and appoint people to parliament based on recommendations from the constituents.

This is to avoid the practice by politicians of only supporting their sure voters with the constituency funds.

How many millions allocated to a constituency will not fairly disbursed as the sharing formula is determined by the ballot on the polling day.

This is  legalised corruption by our 50 MPs and so when this is done at the upper and highest office of the land, corruption is expected to present every where.

Honestly, majority of our people are crying but to deaf ears. So do away with elections so that we do away vote buying and depend only on service delivery by the government ministries. We are all Solomon Islanders and we deserve our shares from the constituency funds. Do away with elections so that we do away with sure vote funds.

John Aonima
White River