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$5m loss of revenue

25 August 2015

Dear Editor - I’m writing on behalf of those resource owners who have been ripped off by those so called logging activities going on from 2008 to 2013, which was been revealed by the outgoing Minister of Forestry, Hon. Bodo Dettke.

Those logging activities occurred on our land with no full agreement by us resource owners but have been instrumented by some selfish and lazy individuals who want quick money, with the license holders.

Logging entered our land with nothing good, but instead causes spilt in the community, burden us poor resource owners with expensive court litigation and eventually steal and destroyed our resources.

And till today, the effect continued to be felt by our own people, where life in the village becomes difficult and very miserable. Those logging activities have made our young boys been arrested and went to jail unfairly, as this is common with police to protect these illegal activities.

And to my delight last week, I saw this in the newspaper. But had these been known earlier on, our young boys would not have gone to jail. But those culprits would instead been arrested and prosecuted for the crimes they committed.

With this note, I strongly call upon the rightful authorities to exercise your powers to ensure these loggers are prosecuted under the laws of this country.

Your appropriate action would save this country from further destruction or otherwise we might bring in Taliban or Islamic extremist to come and establish in this country.

As these terrorist organizations cannot be bribed by logging companies because they don’t need those monies but a safe haven to operate and establish.

I have seen the police force of this country very easy to split like what happen before the ethnic tension so this should not be taken lightly.

I hope I’ve made myself clear and I’m looking forward for an immediate action taken from this piece of newspaper article.


Jonny Maniag