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Pot holes

01 September 2015

Dear Editor - Firstly, Gary ought to be praised in highlighting pot holes around Tongs building which finally led to repair.

I would like to raise the same complaint on another road in town called Choviri. Choviri is a fixed term suburb that should be provided with amenities as good roads and garbage collection services like other town suburbs.

However, this is not the case. This short road was left unattended for the last 15 years or more.

The latest road maintenance work in 2008/2009 under some funding only concentrated on Skyline and Mbokonavera road leaving Choviri out of the picture.

I wonder if the area is seen as part of Mbokonavera in its geographical location.

In addition to the potholes, garbage collection service by town authority is not present either.

It is infrequent which leads to having residents littering drains that would find its way to Mataniko river during rainy days. Clearly, this is pollution.

Our municipal authority is so effective in collection of gate and market fee from the struggling public at the market daily.

The market fees can be high as $ 30 – $50 for vendors with a variety of food products in a day and $7 parking fee even to drive pass without parking. In my opinion, this is not justifiable and may be costly.

The market is place to visit daily for family food need. If a person goes there daily, it would cost $49.00 weekly.

On another note, people without cars are privilege to avoid the gate fee. This is not reasonable either. Why not charge another fee to be fair with vehicle owners.

Finally, may I request the responsible authority to consider these complaints and make essential improvements.

Thank you.

Ann Vota