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Skyline promises

01 September 2015

Dear Editor - The so called Skyline Investment Group is nothing more than a 'fund raising' effort to raise funds in mainland China.

What this group is allegedly doing is to make huge financial promises in investment to a number of countries in the Pacific.

As each country in the Pacific is fooled into accepting these huge promises, the group sells these acceptances to the mainland Chinese people and gets its money this way.

Fiji is the first country to be used in this manner, followed by Samoa. To this extent, this is in every sense a pyramid money making scheme.

Fiji is still waiting for, inter alia, its promised 'electricity city' to be built by the Skyline Group. So unless and until Fiji and Samoa got what they have been promised by the scam Skyline group, the Solomon Islands could be waiting forever for its renovated International Airport, 5,000 government houses and improved road system.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Skyline group would have

travelled all over the world reaping his smaller investments here and there largely unbeknown.

It is a serious wonder that after all these years and our bad experiences with the Vagunu Oil Palm, the Town

Ground Rugby Stadium etc, that our national leaders including political appointees have failed to see and avoid these scams.

The Skyline Group is even worst this time as it even got the government to involve the Investment Corporation of Solomon islands (ICSI).

It is a move to cover any illegalities in the country's association with Skyline.

Gabriel Taloikwai