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Timber control measures adopted

01 September 2015

Dear Editor - Last week saw several initiatives affecting the timber industry in the Solomon Islands and measures to effectively curtail alleged illegal activities in line with the DCCG’s broader anti-corruption policy agenda.

In a press release from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet it was announced that the Solomon’s government had revoked more than 30 agro-forestry permits of companies as part of its reforms to ensure stricter logging practices.

The government said the revocation came because it understood exemption orders allowing companies to fell timber for uses other than the export of round logs were being abused.

The government also announced that agencies had been mobilised to ensure the revocation of the permits were adhered to.

Earlier during last week, in a press release, the Solomon Islands Forest Association said it supported moves to clean up the logging industry and to penalise companies that had allegedly evaded duty.

“A clean up is long overdue,” the press release added.

Currently, it is believed, more than 100 logging companies operate in the Solomon Islands.

Frank Short